The Benefits of Walking On an Incline

Walking is a great exercise if you want to tone up and trim the waistline.  Whether you are walking on a treadmill or outdoors in the park, walking can provide a number of benefits to your heart and health.

In recent years, doctors and personal trainers have suggested that walking on an incline is the most beneficial way to walk in terms of heart health and weight loss.  Not only are you able to incorporate the gentle and low-impact exercise, but ease into a higher level by slowly increasing the incline.  Below are the top benefits of walking on an incline, whether on a treadmill or outdoors.

1.) It improves your heart health

Walking along improves your heart health, but walking on an incline does it at a faster rate and higher level.  Your heart health can be significantly improved if walking on an incline becomes part of your daily exercise routine.  As cardio is implemented you lessen the risk for heart disease and stroke.

2.) It lowers high blood pressure

Working out, specifically aerobic exercise improves your heart health and also lowers your blood pressure.  Doctors often recommend high blood pressure patients add cardio to their lifestyle three days a week to lower the blood pressure rate.

3.) It speeds up your metabolism

Exercise on a regular basis can improve your metabolic rate, especially when there are spikes in the cardio routine that elevate your heart rate.  This type of exercise can be achieved by working out on a treadmill and increasing the incline rate.

4.) It lowers your cholesterol

Lowering your cholesterol can be achieved by walking on an incline three to four days per week at a rate of 30-60 minutes at a time.  Cholesterol rates can be improved by over 25% within the first few weeks of working out.

5.) It stimulates weight loss

Weight loss can be stimulated as a result of walking on an incline periodically and consistently throughout the week.  A regular routine of walking on a treadmill can help stimulate weight loss within the first week of working out.

6.) It boosts the immune system

When cardiovascular exercise is done, the body’s immune system is boosted.  Health is improved and organs work more effectively when aerobic exercise, such as walking on an incline, is part of the daily work-out routine.  You can ward off colds and flu bugs simply by working out.

7.) It reduces stress

It is a proven fact that cardiovascular exercise releases endorphins which help fight against stress.  The body is able to cope mentally with stress and deal with problems better through a regular routine of exercise, such as walking on an incline.

8.) It improves lung capacity

When working out on an incline, whether outside or on a treadmill, your lungs are used to take in, and expel air at a much higher rate when undergoing normal activity.  Implementing a routine of incline walking is great at improving lung capacity.

9.) It clears your mind

Keeping your mind clear and focused can be achieved through daily exercise.  When working out, such as walking on an incline, your heart rate improves and stress is reduced.  The person working out is able to clear their mind, benefit from the endorphin release, and improve their overall health.

10.) It reduces risk for diabetes

Diabetes can arise from a person being unhealthy and overweight.  One of the benefits from walking on an incline is that it reduces the risk for diabetes and other diseases caused by being overweight and inactive.  Walking on an incline several days a week for at least thirty minutes greatly lessens the risk for diabetes.

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