Workout At Home Vs. The Gym

If you are looking to get in shape by burning fat and toning muscle then you may be considering joining a gym and traveling there regularly in order to workout. However, while this will certainly provide you with lots of equipment and be an efficient way to workout, it is not actually the most efficient way to get into shape in terms of your finances or in terms of the actual results of the training.

Better is to workout at home, and a great way to start is to look for reviews of cardio machines and to get one for your home. Here we will look at why.

Disadvantages of joining gym

The problem is, that if you join a gym you will then have to travel there each time you want to work out. This is all good and well if you happen to live next door, or if you have all the time in the world, but for most of us it adds about 40 minutes onto the amount of time it takes to work out as we have to drive there and back and most likely get changed. This then means that if you have gotten home late, or are feeling tired, and if it is raining outside, that you will be far less likely to actually go to the gym and workout. You might have the energy to workout in the warm, but it’s going through the effort of traveling there that’s the problem. And even if you do manage to get up and go to the gym, you will still find yourself spending more time than necessary which you may as well avoid.

Why is it better to use cardio machines than joining gym?

There are other reasons it’s better to use cardio machines than it is to work out at the gym as well though. For instance – how about the simple fact that going to the gym means that you have hundreds of people looking at you while you sweat in gym wear? This is something that is almost universally hated by anyone who is at all self conscious – and particularly if you aren’t looking or feeling your best.

On top of this you also put yourself at risk of illness in the gym as you are in a room with lots of other people coughing, sneezing and sweating and as you are inhaling all of that. At the same time you will also be more likely to have to wait for the things you want to use to become free and this puts the brakes on your workout.

At the same time using your own CV machines is also more cost effective – and especially if you use reviews of CV machines to find the very best machines that won’t be likely to break down and that are good value. While some CV machines can be quite expensive, what you will also find is that this is a one off cost compared to the highly expensive monthly costs of being a member of a gym (not to mention the cost of petrol, parking etc etc).


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