Is Honey Fattening?

According to the National Honey Board, honey is comprised of mostly carbohydrates in the form of natural sugars, water, and trace enzymes. One tablespoon of honey has 17 grams of carbohydrates and 64 calories. The natural sweetener also contains enzymes, minerals, amino acids, and flavanoids.

Natural Energy Booster

One of the benefits of honey is that it is a natural energy booster because of the quality carbohydrates that provide energy to the cells. Many athletes and exercise enthusiast use it to help them recover from a hard game, workout, or training session. The reason honey is used as a natural energy booster is because it provides quick energy as well as sustained energy. Glucose found in honey is absorbed by the body quickly to provide an immediate energy boost. One the other hand, the fructose is absorbed slowly and provides the body with sustained energy over time – this makes honey the perfect energy booster!

Is Honey Fattening?

Is honey fattening? Well, like many other carbohydrates, it can be if you eat too much. Otherwise, it is not fattening at all. It’s pretty difficult for someone to ingest too much honey so the chances are the extra calories goes to your waistline is pretty slim. Carbohydrates make you fat because the extra energy that is not burned off by physical activity gets converted to fat.

Remember, one table spoon of honey, which is certainly a good sized portion is only 64 calories. Now if you put honey on two fat slices of bread covered in peanut butter twice per day then you might have a problem, otherwise, you’ll be just fine. The health benefits of honey far outweigh its potential to make you fat.

Other Health Benefits of Honey

Hangovers – if you had too good a time out with your friends, honey can help reduce the terrible feeling caused by a hangover. The natural sugars in honey cause the liver to actually oxidize the alcohol faster. Try mixing a couple of tablespoons along with orange juice, ice, and some yogurt for a tasty smoothie.

Sore Throat – people have been using honey as a home remedy for sore throats for years. It soothes the throat as well as kills some of the bacteria that are causing the pain in the first place helping you to get better faster. Many singers use honey to soothe their throats on a regular basis. Mix together a couple of tablespoons along with six tablespoons of lemon juice and a little salt and gargle.

Immune System Booster – as mentioned earlier, honey has a ton of healthy compounds that act like antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect cells from harmful free radicals that oxidize cells that lead to damage. Mixing honey in green tea is a great way to give your immune system a boost making you impervious to sickness. While everyone around you is getting sick, you’ll be enjoying your hot tea feeling like a million bucks.

Health Benefits of Honey vs. Sugar

Although honey has natural forms of sugar, it is FAR healthier than regular table sugar. For one, honey has a better glycemic index rating. That means it releases energy into the body slower without the dreaded energy spike followed by a crash that you get with sugar. Also, table sugar has no enzymes, antioxidants, or any other minerals. It is pure empty calories with no nutritional values. As we just read, honey is full of flavanoids, minerals, vitamins, and other substances that are good for you.

Another reason to use honey over sugar is the taste. There’s no way sugar can compete in the taste department. Honey has a great taste that can make virtually anything taste better. On a slice of toast, in your tea, or just to add a sweet taste to your favorite dish! Not only is honey good for you – it actually delivers in the taste department. So there you have it. We found out that the health benefits of honey are many, that it tastes great, and that it won’t make you fat.

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