Lose Weight Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has been in and out of the news for decades, with reports of cancer prevention properties, heart health benefits and even weight lost. Many have pondered if they can lose weight drinking green tea? The truth is unveiled and we are here to discuss the findings.

While you may be a skeptic when it comes to supplements and how they affect weight loss, green tea is one of those dietary foods that have been in the market for some time. Lose weight drinking green tea is possible and claims have been backed by numerous research studies.

What the Studies Unveil

In one of the most well-known green tea and weight loss studies available, three dozen obese individuals with metabolic issues (slowed metabolism) were examined and for eight weeks administered four cups of green tea each day. The individuals were told that they should continue their normal lifestyle with no exercise or with exercise and eat they way they typically have eaten in the past. Testing was done on the individuals to ensure that their dietary readings were the same at the end of the study as they were at the beginning.

On average, each individual lost five pounds each. This may not seem like a lot of weight during an eight week time span, but food was not restricted or exercise enforced throughout the process. In fact, every element was the same as before the individuals began the study. When combining exercise with the intake of green tea, the weight loss results can easily double.

Other studies across the globe point to the benefits of the regular consumption of green tea to shed pounds off the waistline. Most doctors agree that green tea is not the only thing that works and should not be used as the only means for weight loss, but implementing the consumption of green tea along with a healthy diet and exercise program works over the long haul.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

The major health benefit of green tea is that it is a powerful antioxidant that helps to free the system of free radicals that cause the immune system to decline. Green tea contains beneficial antioxidants called catechins that actually scan the system for DNA damaging free radicals that contribute to blood clots and cancer.

The extract in green tea has been shown to fight against obesity and lower bad cholesterol in the system. Studies done on Dutch green tea drinkers revealed that on average individuals who drank green tea on a regular basis enjoyed the benefits of weight loss at a much higher rate than individuals who did not drink green tea. Researchers speculate that it is the caffeine found in green tea that assists in fat oxidation and causes a person to lose weight while drinking this efficient beverage.

Studies in Japan on 240 participants revealed that drinkers of green tea for over a three month period lost fat and lowered their blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Doctors recommend that individuals who have liver problems should avoid drinking green tea or taking supplements that contain green tea extract. Instead, these patients are advised to stick to a healthy eating plan and implement physical activity.

The evidence shows that drinking a cup or two of green tea each day can prove beneficial to your heart, body and waistline. Doctors at Tufts University Medical Center report that drinking three cups of green tea each day can positively affect your health in a number of ways. The center reports that it may not be a “cure-all” supplement, but does provide the body with a variety of benefits, including prevention against cancer, boosted immune system and weight loss. Doctors do not recommend green tea as a mainstay food source, but everything in moderation works and helps you achieve your desired weight loss goals.

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