Lose Weight Eating Yogurt

According to several weight loss studies, adding yogurt to your daily diet may help you lose weight, boost metabolism, increase fat loss, and lower your cholesterol. In one particular study researchers found that overweight individuals who ate low fat yogurt three times a day lost nearly 25% more weight and a whopping 60% more fat than those who did not. Those numbers are hard to ignore, and bode well for yogurt’s ability to help you lose weight. The people who ate the yogurt also lost 80% more fat around the midsection compared to the other participants that just cut calories and took a calcium supplement.

Doctors who conducted the study found that the average person lost fourteen pounds and maintained twice the muscle mass than the other participants in the study. The study showed yogurt’s ability to help people lose fat and not lean muscle. When you lose fat and keep muscle it accelerates the weight loss process because muscle burn more calories per pound than fat does.

The researchers that conducted the study showed the mounting evidence that consuming calcium and protein from low fat dairy resources increases fat loss and metabolism. During the study, the first group consumed three six ounce servings of yogurt with 1,000 milligrams of calcium. The other group consumed just one serving of yogurt that had half the calcium in it. Both groups restricted their caloric intake by 500 per day to facilitate the weight loss process via calorie restriction. The results were surprising.

The group that consumed more yogurt with increased calcium lost an average of 14 pounds on the 12 week diet compared to an 11 pound average by the group that only consumed one serving of yogurt per day with half the calcium. What was most surprising to the researchers was that the high consuming yogurt group lost 80% more abdominal fat than the other group. Researchers are particularly excited about the major increase in abdominal fat. Why? Because abdominal fat is a major indicator of health risks such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

No one is sure what exactly causes the increase in weight loss and abdominal fat, but the results of this particular study will certainly give researchers great motivation to conduct further experiments. Despite some unknowns, one thing is clear – yogurt can help you lose weight.

Here are some other proven benefits of yogurt:

Yogurt can prevent osteoporosis

Bone weakness and brittleness is a major concern for women as they age. Researchers say that calcium in combination with vitamin D drastically reduces the odds of contracting osteoporosis.

Yogurt reduces the risk of high blood pressure

A recent study that followed over 5,000 college students showed that consuming yogurt for two years lead to a major reduction in hypertension. Researchers found the rate of incident dropped by an outstanding 50%.

Yogurt can help with digestive problems

Yogurt with active cultures helps mitigate gastrointestinal problems such as lactose intolerance, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, and diarrhea. The reason yogurt helps is that it changes the composition of the stomach environment by helping the body digest food better and by enhancing the body’s immune system.

Yogurt helps you feel fuller

A study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle showed that yogurt helps people feel fuller for longer. The combination of dairy, protein, and carbohydrates is proven to keep people feeling full by providing consistent energy. That makes yogurt a great snack for weight loss compared to crackers, chips, and the like.

Yogurt can help prevent vaginal infections

The active cultures in yogurt helps control pH levels in the vagina that lead to a reduction of yeast infections.

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