Calories In Ramen Noodles

There are 400-600 calories in Ramen noodles.  This accounts for one standard sized package – a block of noodles.  There are not as many calories in regular pasta as there are in Ramen noodles because of the high levels of sodium, seasonings and other ingredients found in Ramen.

One container or package of Ramen noodles weighs about 3 ounces.  In a 3 ounce serving size you will find 400 calories, at least.  Some Ramen noodles contain more calories than others.  It is the simple flavors, like chicken or shrimp that contain 400 calories per package, while the Picante and other highly flavored types contain in excess of 500 calories per serving.

The standard rule-of-thumb is that there are more calories in Ramen Noodles when there’s more seasoning. However, plain Ramen noodles also contain a lot of calories and a considerable amount of fat.  There are less calories in normal noodles and pasta than Ramen.

In one package of Ramen noodles there is also a lot of fat.  In fact, one three-ounce serving size yields 15 grams of fat and nearly half of it is derived from saturated fat.  This kind of fat leads to heart disease, obesity and can even increase cholesterol levels.  If you are trying to lose weight, Ramen noodles should be avoided.

Ramen noodles are low in fiber and nutritional value.  They don’t fill you up for long periods of time and can lead to overeating.

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