Can You Lose Weight With A Sweat Suit?

It’s common practice for athletes such as wrestlers and boxers to wear sweat suits to make weight for their events. Health marketers and trainers even advocate people wear sweat suits to increase their weight loss. But can you lose weight with a sweat suit?

The answer is yes, but it is in the form of water weight – not real weight.

The reason wrestlers and boxers use sweat suits is to lose water weight. Sweat suits increase the amount of sweat you produce, which in turns drains your body of water. So yes you do lose weight, but as soon as you become hydrated again you will gain it back.

The practice is looked down upon by health professionals. In fact, many high school wrestlers have died as a result of wearing sweat suits and exercising too much. It is not a safe practice, and not one that will help you lose fat. Some people go as far as wearing sweat suits while exercising in a sauna or a steam room. That is a quick recipe for disaster and even death.

So if you want to lose weight the healthy way then you do not need to wear a sweat suit. Again, it does nothing for real weight loss. It only strips the body of water. A dangerous practice indeed.

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