Does Singing Burn Calories?

Singing does burn calories, as does just about any process the body undertakes. You can sit, stand, walk, cough or even sing and burn calories, because the body requires energy in order to function.

On average, singing burns approximately 150 calories per hour.  Many people spend a lot of time singing, especially if it is your job, and as a result burn an excess of 300-400 calories a day doing so.

If you are looking to avoid a diet plan and exercise program to lose weight, and seeking singing as your outlet, you should probably look for something a bit more effective.  Singing won’t promise you the weight loss you are looking for, but will burn some calories.

Most people sing when in the shower or as they are doing things around the house. Some choose to sing a song or two on their drive to work, but the time spent singing adds up to about 10 minutes total.  If you sing for ten minutes a day you may burn approximately 20 – 25 calories.

Obviously, spending some time in the gym is more effective than singing your waistline away.  Singing the right way doesn’t even impact your abdominal muscles but does expand your diaphragm. Muscles can be engaged and toned but not in the same way a set of crunches or planking will impact your abs.

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