How Many Calories in Baked Chicken Wings?

Chicken wings are a favorite appetizer whether you’re watching the big game or enjoying a dinner out with the family. Chicken wings come in a variety of different recipes. They can be prepared in multiple ways including baked, grilled, and fried. More people are starting to enjoy their chicken wings baked instead of fried. So how many calories are there in baked chicken wings?

According to nutritionists, a baked chicken wing prepared with skin has approximately 60 calories in it. This isn’t bad compared to a fried wing that can have as many as 200 calories in it. Baked chicken wings are a great source of protein, and are actually quite lean. Just one wing with the bone in has only four grams of fat and 6 grams of protein. That means you can eat four wings and get 24 grams of muscle building protein with 16 grams of fat. Not bad at all compared to the fried alternative that has about 10 grams of fat per wing and the same amount of protein.

When enjoying baked chicken wings you have to be careful not to ruin the healthy aspect of them by dipping them in copious amounts of ranch or other unhealthy sauces. If you have to use ranch try a low fat low calorie version. As long as you use moderation there is no reason to not enjoy a few baked chicken wings.


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