Is Cantaloupe Good For You?

Cantaloupe is good for you and your health because of the number of vitamins and minerals found in the fruit.

Cantaloupes contain a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Vitamin C is essential in keeping the immune system boosted and thwarting off the common cold.  People who eat cantaloupe on a regular basis have reported never getting sick with the common cold or flu during the winter cold season.  The extra boost of vitamin C seems to keep the immune system elevated at all times and able to fight off the germs it is exposed to.

Cantaloupes are also rich in antioxidants, aside from vitamin C, which helps eliminate free radicals and toxins from cells. By detoxifying the system naturally, cantaloupe consumption fights off symptoms that lead to premature aging.

Beta-carotene is also found in cantaloupe which helps reduce the risk of aging-related disease and sicknesses.  Cataracts can be reduced by consuming more beta-carotene.  Cantaloupe consumption on a regular basis may also prevent cancer from developing because of the antioxidants and beta-carotene found in the fruit.

Cantaloupes are low in sugar and contain other forms of vitamins and nutrients.  Cantaloupes better the body by offering it doses of niacin, fiber, folate, potassium, and vitamin B3.  The fiber in cantaloupe helps prevent constipation and keeps things operating effectively throughout the digestive system.

Now that you know the answer to is Cantaloupe good for you, go purchase yourself this melon and enjoy the nourishing health benefits it provides.

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