Is Cottage Cheese Fattening?

There are several varieties of cottage cheese that range in milk fat percentages.

Cottage cheese is fattening in some cases, but overall, it is a healthy source of protein and nutrition.

Cottage cheese can be purchased in reduced fat or whole milk fat varieties. Typically the milk fat ranges from 2% to 4%, but there are some extra low fat brands of cottage cheese that come in a 1% milk fat option.

It is the 1% that is the lowest in fat, while the 4% milk fat option is the highest.

If you are watching your fat intake and trying to cut back, the lower the milk fat the better in terms of weight loss.

Cottage cheese is a common food incorporated into a lot of weight loss plans because it is considered to be high in protein but low in fat and calories.

Eating just one cup of low-fat cottage cheese once a day can greatly reduce your weight, if incorporated along with a healthy meal plan, plenty of exercise and ample rest.

Cottage cheese is not considered fattening unless you choose to overeat the higher fat variety.

Cottage cheese is a great snack in between meals or with a main course.  Cottage cheese is not fattening, but if overeaten can get you into trouble when it comes to racking up calories and excess weight.

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