Is Ginger Ale Good For You?

Ginger ale is good for you, especially for those who suffer from digestive discomfort.  Ginger ale is easy on the stomach and provides relief from internal gas and upset stomach.

Ginger is often used throughout China and can be found in most health food and grocery stores.  Ginger is recommended to settle the stomach and prevent stomach upset.  In natural ginger ale’s, ginger is the primary ingredient.  Ginger is used to decrease symptoms associated with sea sickness, motion sickness and nausea.

Many obstetric doctors recommend ginger tea or ginger ale for their pregnant patients who experience severe morning sickness.  Ginger ale can be sipped on early in the morning before eating in an effort to keep the morning sickness at bay.

Recent studies on ginger ale and other ginger products revealed that there was more of a benefit received than from drugs specifically designed to ward off motion sickness, such as Dramamine.  Ginger is highly effective in the treatment of motion sickness and recommended for individuals who experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms associated with motion sickness.

It is thought that ginger ale is also effective in treating inflammation and pain associated with the condition.  Ginger contains naturally occurring gingerols, which have anti-inflammation properties.  Ginger works to reduce the inflammation in the joints and prevents swelling in the afflicted areas.

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