Is Jello Good For You?

Jello tastes great, is refreshing, and believe it or not…is good for you.

Jello contains gelatin, which provides the body with a wide array of health benefits.  Let’s take a closer look at why jello is good to eat.

If you are suffering from joint pain, swelling or stiffening, regular consumption of jello might fix you up.  Gelatin is full of amino acids which help prevent weakness of cartilage found in the joints.  While gelatin is not the cure-all for joint repair, it can improve a condition and help eliminate the pain associated with it.

Looking for stronger nails and hair?  Gelatin contains a lot of protein and amino acids which are great for strong nails and healthier hair.  If your nails are weak and brittle, adding jello to your daily diet will make them strong and healthy again. Your hair will become free of split ends and appear more vibrant and shiny.

Your overall skin condition can improve by simply eating more jello.  The gelatin found in jello actually acts as a skin thickener because of the immense amount of protein found in it.  The protein helps repair skin and give it a natural look that is refreshing and youthful in appearance.

Digestion can also be improved through the consumption gelatin.  Gelatin is easy on the stomach and promotes a more efficient means of digesting harsh foods such as nuts and meats.

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