Is Kiwi Skin Edible?

Although it might not look that enticing, Kiwi skin is entirely edible and is the place where a lot of the average Kiwi’s 2.6g of fiber is to be found.

Kiwis can be eaten whole, blended or sliced. There is no need to remove any part of the fruit.

Kiwis are high in other nutrients too, including vitamin C and potassium (though they have slightly less than bananas).

When you come to eating Kiwi skin for the first time, don’t be put off by appearances. The skin is the home of antioxidants and flavinoids – all excellent nutrition. It’s also the part that’s sprayed with pesticides. You can wash your Kiwi, or remove the hairy outer skin layer while keeping the rest intact. This will also remove any dust and dirt that has settled on the fruit, and the result will be more appetising too.

Having removed the outer layer of skin, you should have a smooth Kiwi. Slice it into quarters and just eat it, chop finer and add to cereals or fruit salads or blend to add to smoothies. Watch out, though: if you have a low-powered blender, the skin might detach from the rest of the fruit and not blend properly.

Additionally, Kiwis contain a chemical called actinidin. Although this is used commercially as a meat tenderiser, there’s no need to worry that it’s marinading your insides. Instead, it’s helping your digestive system access and absorb the protein in your food. Again, there’s plenty of actinidin in the skin of a Kiwi; just another good reason to give it a go!

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