Is Monistat Safe During Pregnancy?

Monistat is considered to be safe to use during pregnancy because of its minimal absorption elements that do not affect the fetus or mother. Although, most doctors recommend using Monistat later in the pregnancy.

While Monistat is safe to use while pregnant, it is recommended by professionals that the use occur only during the second and third trimesters when the fetus is more viable.  Some doctors argue that it is safe at anytime during pregnancy, but to play it safe, some pregnant women opt to wait until later on in pregnancy to use Monistat as needed.

Some medications do harm the fetus during pregnancy, but Monistat is not considered to be one of those medications.  Monistat is typically used to treat mild yeast infections over-the-counter.

Since there is no absorption into the fetal bloodstream, doctors report that it is a safe product.  However, if symptoms are problematic and severe, treatment may be required by a doctor and over-the-counter medication may not do the trick.  In the event that symptoms persist, it is wise to seek medical attention.

While most doctors report on the safety of Monistat during pregnancy, there are always the conservative ones that prefer a more natural approach to medication.  If you require the use of treatment, it is best to check with your doctor to determine if Monistat is safe during pregnancy.

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