Is Okra Good For You?

Okra offers a wide number of health benefits and is considered to be good for you because of its nutritional value.  Okra is a cholesterol lowering food that provides the body with wonderful benefits.  Let’s review some of the benefits of okra.

Okra is thought to have originated in Africa and has a Swahili name for gumbo.  It is thought that okra was once used to trade slaves throughout the continent.

Okra’s health benefits come from the amount of fiber it contains, as well as its cholesterol lowering properties.  Nearly half of okra’s fiber content is soluble and comes in the form of pectin and gums.  It is soluble fiber that has cholesterol lowering properties which lead to the reduction and prevention of heart disease.  Okra is a great source of fiber and pectin.

Also, because of the amount of fiber found in okra, specifically the insoluble portion, the digestive tract is kept clean. Insoluble fiber promotes the overall health of the intestinal tract and works to prevent colorectal cancer and other problems associated with the colon.

It is the fiber that is found in okra which helps to stabilize blood sugar and delay sugar absorption from the intestines. Eating okra will not cause blood sugar spikes that can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.  Okra is a safe food to eat for diabetics.

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