Is Pectin Vegan?

Pectin is vegan and considered by even the strictest vegans to be so.  Vegans focus on eating a plant based diet that is high in fiber and does not consist of animal products.  Pectin is considered to be a natural plant product found in fruit and is therefore considered to be vegan.

Pectin is derived from the cells of plants and is used in a wide variety of vegetarian foods.  While it doesn’t offer much in terms of nutrition, it is a good source of fiber that keeps the stomach full for long periods of time. Pectin is found in a wide variety of citrus fruits including oranges, grapefruits and lemons.  Pectin can also be found in apples.  Manufacturers of pectin products derive most of the pectin from these fruits.

Pectin is usually found in jams and jellies because of its thickening properties.  Pectin is also used in a wide variety of medicinal purposes including the fight against high cholesterol, the treatment of diarrhea and stomach aches, and as an anti-oxidant that fights against cancer.

While some of the research is still unfounded, pectin does have some natural healing properties, which is why it is widely used in natural medicinal remedies around the globe.  Pectin is all-natural and contains no animal products, therefore is considered a useful vegan additive and ingredient.

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