Is Rye Bread Good For You?

Rye bread is considered a good quality grain bread that can be quite good for you.  Let’s take a look at the reasons why rye bread is beneficial to your body.

Rye bread is a tasty bread with a significant taste.  It contains a large supply of fiber which is great for the digestive tract and colon. Due to the large quantity of fiber, many people enjoy it as a regular source of grain each day and claim to never suffer from constipation.  Fiber keeps things moving the right way through the digestive tract.

Dark rye bread has been enjoyed by people for hundreds of years.  Reports as far back as the Middle Ages claim rye bread was circulating throughout the kitchen.  Rye bread does not contain a lot of sugar and therefore keeps the blood sugar levels stable when eating it, unlike most white breads which can cause a spike in blood sugar.

Rye bread contains very little fat, which is why it is loved among health and nutrition enthusiasts.  There is no need to consume fatty and starchy white breads, when healthier alternatives are available.  Rye bread can be made with extra grains and nuts for an even healthier type of bread.

The most important thing to remember is to not overdo when eating any kind of bread.  Smaller portion sizes keep calories low and fat off the body.

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