Is Wasabi Good For You?

There are some surprising health benefits in Japanese foods and wasabi is one of them.  Ever wondered if wasabi is good for you?  Let’s take a look.

The Japanese know all about healthy eating, so it should come at no surprise that the common ingredients used provide health benefits. Wasabi is one of those ingredients.

Wasabi is known as being an amazing antioxidant because of the cancer protecting chemicals it contains known as isothiocyanates.  These cancer-fighting chemicals can also be found in broccoli and some cabbages.  These chemicals work to activate enzymes in the body that help the liver detoxify cancer causing substances.

Wasabi also works to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke because it inhibits platelet aggregation.  This means that unusual or abnormal blood clot formations can be inhibited by the properties found in wasabi.  These properties greatly impact and prevent the formation of blood clots which could lead to stroke or heart disease over the long-term.  There are even Japanese doctors who prescribe wasabi as an at-home remedy to reduce the risk of heart disease in patients with pre-existing conditions.

In America, it can be difficult to find true wasabi.  Most of the wasabi found in sushi bars are nothing more than mustard, horseradish and some food coloring.  The real benefit comes form pure wasabi and can be purchased at Asian markets.  It is the real thing that provides the health benefits, so be sure and ask for the ‘good stuff.’

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