Is Wine Fattening?

Wine actually has some health benefits when used in moderation. But is wine fattening? The answer depends on a variety of factors, but wine does have hidden calories that can add up quickly.

Yes, wine is fattening if you drink too much of it.

A large glass of red wine has up to 150 calories in it. That’s quite a bit of extra calories especially when added to a meal. Red wine is typically eaten with high fat meals that include meat. Mixing a glass of red wine with a high fat meal is bad news.

White wine is not much better. A large glass of white wine can also have as much as 150 calories in it along with much more sugar compared to red wine. White wine is typically sweeter than red so the sugar content is higher.

Drinking just one large glass of red wine per night can add 1050 calories to your diet in just one week. Just one pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. That means you could gain an extra pound of fat in just 3.3 weeks!

That doesn’t mean you have to cut out wine consumption altogether. Instead of a large glass try a small glass. If you have to have a glass with dinner then try cutting back the food calories to make up for the extra calories you’re consuming in the wine.

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