What Is The Best Exercise For Saddlebags?

The best exercise for saddlebags includes squats and lunges.  Saddlebags are those pockets of fat that are just underneath and on the outer side of the buttocks or hip regions.  Saddlebags are large pockets of fat that can be very troublesome for women, but men can get them too.

The best way to combat saddlebags is to tighten up your diet to include the consumption of clean and healthy foods.  Lean protein sources such as chicken, shrimp and low-fat turkey burger are great for the diet, and combined with whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables provide a means to rid the fat pocketed in particular areas.

Lunges and squats are among the top exercises for saddlebags.  Lunges improve strength in the legs, hips and buttocks and are one of the best exercises for shapely legs, hips and butt region.  Leg squats, whether using a Smith machine or by themselves with dumbbells in each hand can be great for ridding saddlebag fat.

Leg squats and lunges should be incorporated into a cardio workout as well for increased results.  Running on a treadmill, hitting it hard on the elliptical and cycling for long periods of time can help improve the reduction of saddlebag fat.  While spot training never works, changing exercises up and combining a few varieties can work wonders on the notorious saddlebags.

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