How to Lose Belly Fat

Everyone wants to have a firm, toned stomach. The six pack has become the holy grail of fitness, with people spending billions of dollars on workout gadgets, pills, powders, and creams in an effort shed the unwanted belly fat. Below we look at the steps on how to lose fat from the belly region.

Forget the Spot Training 
Too many people try to lose belly fat by doing crunches until they are blue in the face. Crunches strengthen your abdominals, but they will not burn off the layer of fat covering your abs. A toned stomach is achieved by decreasing the fat, not building the muscles.

Combine Cardio and Strength Training
The best fat loss workouts to get you shredded combine cardiovascular and strength training elements. These exercises are done at a pace that gets the heart rate up, while requiring strength to be exerted through one’s body. These examples include: Jumping dumbbell lunges, Jump squats with medicine ball, Box Jumps, Push Ups and Burpees.

Build Your Core
Your core includes all of the muscles that make up your stomach and lower back. Core exercises include traditional exercises like crunches, but also include core movements such as planking. Planking exercises are important because they cause all of your abdominal muscles to tighten. This causes your stomach to tighten up.

Cut Out Processed Foods
Processed foods have no nutritional value and are made with foods that tend to be stored as fat. No one ever got a six pack living off of microwave pizza and hot pockets. Your body needs natural foods that the body can use for energy.

Eat Every Three Hours
Eating every 2.5-3 hours keeps you from overeating. It also keeps your metabolism revved up. That means your body is constantly working and burning calories even when you aren’t working out.

Create a Caloric Deficit
Losing belly fat means losing fat all over. That is only achieved by creating a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit means you burn more calories than you take in. The effect of a caloric deficit is that your body uses stored fat for energy that results in lost belly fat.

Focus on Overall Fat Loss
You’ll never see a guy with a six pack who is fat everywhere else. Guys and gals with six packs are lean all over because they focus on body fat loss. The ab fat that disappears is a result of the entire body becoming lean and strong.

Don’t Starve Yourself 
Starving yourself leads to temporary weight loss, but does much more damage in the long run. The weight lost is a combination of fat and muscle. You can starve yourself, but that won’t burn off stubborn belly fat. It can often make you look fatter because you lose muscle all over your body that result in a bigger looking belly.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Eating more fruits and vegetables are a great way to feed your body nutrients and vitamins while keeping the calories down. Fruits contain quality carbohydrates that give you sustained energy to power you through your workouts. Vegetables are packed full of nutrition but have virtually no calories. By eating fruits and vegetables you are less likely to make poor food choices caused by hunger.

Drink Enough Water
A study at the University of Utah took two groups of people and put them on the exact same diet. The only difference was that one group consumed an eight ounce glass of water before each meal. The results of study showed that the group who consumed the water lost 30% more weight.

Reduce Sodium Intake
Sodium causes the body to retain water. Water retention causes you to look smooth and puffy. For example, body builders who want to look as shredded as possible reduce sodium levels to get the deepest cuts in their muscles.

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