Are Tortillas Healthier Than Bread?

Depending on the type of tortillas used, they can be healthier than bread and used as a nutritious alternative to providing the body with whole grains.

If you know what ingredients to look for, tortillas can be better for you than bread.  But, if you eat a tortilla that contains lots of preservatives, artificial colors, and hydrogenated oils, you may be better off eating your sandwich on a slice of Wonder Bread.

Corn tortillas, often avoided by dieters, actually count as whole grains and can provide your body with a lot of nutritious benefits.  Either white or yellow corn tortillas are good, but you should avoid preservatives and artificial color and flavoring.  Look for ingredients such as stone ground corn and water.  Lime is also a great ingredient, but much more than these listed additives should be avoided.

Whole grain or whole wheat tortillas are better for you than whole wheat bread because they are typically lower in calorie and fat.  Whole grain wraps are actually better for you than vegetable tortilla wraps, contrary to popular belief.  Most people think that veggie tortillas contain vegetables, but they actually contain vegetable powder and in no way contain fresh veggies.  In this case, whole grain bread would be a healthier option.

The primary key to healthy wraps and breads is what you put in between them.  Think nutritious and natural for the most benefit.


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