Brown Rice: Weight Loss Food?

Eating Brown Rice is a great alternative to white rice because of the higher fiber content of brown rice. The difference between white rice and brown rice is how the grains are produced. The production of brown rice only removes the hull, leaving the fiber and nutritious contents intact. The bran (or skin) is still intact on the grain. On the other hand, the production of white rice removes everything except the starchy middle of the grain, which has less nutrition and fiber content.

So the main difference between white rice and brown rice is the nutrition and fiber content. Fiber fills you up quickly and helps stave off hunger. A cup of brown rice fulfills 14% of the daily fiber requirement by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Some people find that brown rice is tastier than white rice, and when eaten with foods that are high in lean protein, you may really see a significant amount of weight loss. Adding a glass of water to your brown rice meal will increase the feeling of hunger satisfaction and will keep you from snacking before your next meal.

A few other benefits of brown rice are that it will help keep your colon polyp-free, and the fiber acts as a natural cleansing agent, decreasing the amount of time that cancer-causing bacteria are exposed to your colon cells.

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