Calories In A Cinnabon

Ever walked through the mall and smelled the aroma of cinnamon rolls through the air?  Most likely the alluring smell is coming from the local Cinnabon.  This is the place you want to avoid if you are trying to cut calories and watch your weight!

One cinnabon classic from Cinnabon offers 880 calories!  Yes, this includes icing and a lot of butter.  These rolls are anything but good for you and if you are trying to lose weight and watch what you eat, stick to watching these rolls without actually taking a taste.

Nearly half of the cinnabon roll is fat.  In fact 48% of the calories are derived from fat.  That is an awful lot of calories and fat if you are trying to watch your intake.

There really are no healthy options at Cinnabon.  The only way to cut your calories, aside from avoiding the roll altogether, is to share the Cinnabon with a friend.  Eating half the roll offers only 440 calories, so you are reducing your calorie intake by 50% if you choose to share it.
The caramel pecan roll, also known as the Caramel Pecanbon from Cinnabon is among the highest in terms of calories.  This roll will set you back 1100 calories once your done eating it.  Minibons are among the lowest in calories at 350 per serving.  This may be the best choice.


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