Calories In Basmati Rice

Looking for the exact calories in Basmati rice?  According to the packaging, in one cup of Basmati rice there are 350 calories.

Basmati rice originated in India and is now used throughout Pakistan, Southern Asia and making its way into the United States.  It is a common dish found in many of the traditional Indian restaurants and contains a lot more calories than most rices. A half-cup portion of Basmati rice yields about 150-170 calories, while one full cup offers close to 350 calories on average.  The brand slightly varies in calorie content, but most are about the same.

Basmati rice is considered a very high cal rice, similar to white starchy sticky rice.  There is no way around the calories, except to cut the portion sizes.  If you are using Basmati rice but want to limit the number of calories you consume, it is best to only eat a half-cup of rice rather than consuming an entire cup.

There is no low-cal way to prepare Basmati rice either.  If you are trying to lose weight and cut calories, eat the rice with steamed veggies rather than fatty meats or other products that are high in calories.

Now that you know how many calories are in Basmati rice, you may want to try another option that is lower in calories and has less impact on your waistline.


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