Calories In Canned Peaches

Canned peaches have a lot more calories than fresh peaches.  If you are trying to lose weight but love the taste of peaches, you should be aware of how many calories are in canned peaches before you fill your bowl.

Most canned fruit, just like peaches, are packed in light syrup.  In one cup of canned peaches there are about 140 calories.  Fresh peaches contain no syrup or extra sugars, therefore, the calorie content is much lower. Some canned peaches are packaged in heavy syrup.  There are nearly 200 calories per serving in canned peaches packed with heavy syrup. This is a lot of calories, especially if you are trying to cut back on the number you consume.

In your efforts to cut back on calories, you should be aware of your portion size.  If you are used to eating large portions of food, you can expect your calories to be high.  If, however, you reduce your portion size, you will also drop your calories.

Rather than eating a one cup at 140 calories, try a half-cup portion size that yields only 70 calories.  That is a fifty-percent reduction for calories in canned peaches.
Being informed is helpful when trying to cut back on calories.

Reading the labels on the back of your can of peaches can be very helpful in your weight loss efforts.

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