Calories In Frozen Custard

In one serving of vanilla frozen custard there are about 330 calories. There are not as many calories in frozen custard as there are some varieties of ice cream. However, frozen custard is not considered a diet friendly food because it is loaded with sugar and high in fat and calories.

There are low-fat or low-sugar varieties that can reduce the number of calories by about 50, offering approximately 280 calories per serving. Flavored frozen custards seem to be higher in calories than plain vanilla.  Some flavors reach up to 350 calories per serving, but most hover around the 340 calorie mark.

If you are trying to cut back on your calories, but dont want to avoid eating frozen custard altogether, the best thing to do is watch your portion sizes.  Rather than filling your bowl with enough frozen custard to serve an army, eat a half-cup serving.  For an accurate measurement, use a food scale or measuring scoop to monitor your servings.

Portions are critical when trying to cut calories.  By keeping track of how much you put into your mouth, you can better determine how much the scale will read come weigh-in time.
Another way to cut calories in frozen custard is to avoid adding a lot of toppings, such as chocolate syrup and whipped cream.  You can save yourself a lot of time in the gym by cutting back.

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