Calories In McDonalds Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

McDonalds has recently started offering healthier foods on their menu. One of those such items is their frozen strawberry lemonade.

McDonalds are master marketers so you have to be careful at taking their word when they label one of their foods are healthy. Their frozen lemonade is fat free, but how many calories in McDonalds frozen strawberry lemonade are there?
    •    A small 12 ounce McDonalds forzen strawberry lemonade has a whopping 270 calories. 
    •    Medium 16 ounce frozen strawberry lemonade has 360 calories. 
    •    A large 20 ounce frozen McDonalds strawberry lemonade has a staggering 450 calories.

So as you can see their healthy strawberry lemonades are not so healthy. In fact, the majority of them are made from sugar and frozen concentrate. Its literally like drinking flavored sugar water. McDonalds is one of the worst perpetrators of marketing food as healthy. If youre trying to lose weight, drinking a McDonalds frozen strawberry lemonade is literally one of the worst things to consume. It has no nutritional value other than a little vitamin C, and it will not keep you feeling full. Youll experience a quick rush of energy caused by the sugar followed by a crash. 

 This does not mean you shouldnt ever enjoy one as long as you indulge sparingly. The calories in Mcdonalds frozen strawberry lemonade are certainly high, but they do taste great.

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