Calories In Smirnoff Ice

In one bottle of Smirnoff Ice there are about 200 calories.  This is a standard wine cooler or beer bottle sized portion that is becoming one of the most popular drinks in America.

A 275 ml size of Smirnoff Ice yields less than 100 calories and is a low-cal alcoholic drink that is great for someone who is trying to reduce the number of calories they consume without completely ridding their refrigerator of alcohol.

Smirnoff Ice is becoming a popular drink, primarily because it is considered to be low in calories and carbs.  It does contain some sugar, which contributes to the number of calories found in the drink.  However, drinking within moderation does not provide you with a lot of calories.

The number of calories in Smirnoff Ice consumed can easily be burned off in a half-hour on the treadmill or even playing outdoors with the kids. Most bottles of Smirnoff Ice contain 12 ounces and offer between 100-200 calories depending on the flavor and variety.  The low-cal version offers less calories, running about 75 calories per bottle.  This number is appealing to those who are trying to lose weight through the reduction of calories.

As with any food or drink, moderation is the key to cutting calories.  If you overdo, you can expect to consume a lot more calories than you or your waistline bargained for.

Suzanne Somers

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