Can Drinking Cold Water Make You Lose Weight?

Drinking cold water can make you lose weight, in fact, experts recommend that people trying to lose weight consume eight to ten glasses of cold water every day.  Cold water requires additional energy required by the body to warm it up in order to absorb it into the system.  This additional energy requires more calories be burned, which leads to weight loss.

When you drink cold water, your body must work extra hard to heat it up and utilize it.  Cold water actually speeds up the metabolism, which is why weight loss enthusiasts swear by drinking cold water first thing in the morning prior to or with breakfast.  By doing so, the metabolism is jolted into working order and provides you with a jump start in burning for the day.

The human body works hard to maintain the core body temperature of 98.6 degrees.  The metabolism works as a furnace to warm up the body when flooded with ice cold water.  One large glass of water can actually burn an additional 18-20 calories, and a gym membership isn't even required.  To lose some weight fast, opt for incorporating cold water into your daily routine.  Your muffin top might just thank you as it disappears into thin air.

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