Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

There is a recurring notion that men lose weight faster than women do. But do men lose weight faster than women? For the most part men do lose weight faster than women, but it does not mean that every man loses weight faster than every woman. What it means is that overall, men can lose weight a little quicker than women.

The reason has to do with the differences in lean muscle mass and hormones in men and women. It is easier to lose weight the more muscle mass and testosterone you have. Men happen to have more of both. It is also much easier to lose weight when you do not have the female hormone estrogen in your body. Estrogen is what keeps women’s bodies soft and supple – ready to give birth to a child. It also makes it difficult to lose weight and fat.

The reason men lose weight also has to do with the differences that men and women sometimes have concerning weight loss. Men typically like to lift weights and do cardiovascular exercises while women stick mostly to cardio.
Strength training and cardio is the best method leading to weight loss. Women sometimes stick to just cardio without building muscle, which accelerates fat loss. So as you can see there are biological and sociological reasons why men lose weight faster than women in many cases.

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