Does Arizona Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Arizona Green Tea is manufactured by Arizona Beverages USA and does contain a small amount of caffeine. While not as much as coffee or some diet sodas, there is still a trace amount of caffeine in the tea that should be recognized.  If you are problematic to caffeine or experience symptoms when consuming caffeine, you should pay attention to the amount found in Arizona Green Tea.

There are several different flavors of Arizona Green Tea, but all of them contain some degree of caffeine.  From Ginseng and Honey to Pomegranate, all flavors have a small amount of caffeine in the tea.  The average amount of caffeine found in any one of the Arizona varieties is 7.5 mg per eight ounce serving size.
According to medical research, consuming too much caffeine is not good for a persons health.  The Arizona Green Tea company recognizes this fact and adheres to manufacturing tea that is considered to be low in caffeine.  You can always know if you have consumed too much caffeine by some of the most common side effects.  These side effects may include headaches, shakiness, nervousness, stomach upset or irritability.

There is probably not enough caffeine in Arizona Green Tea to cause any of these problems after consuming one drink, however, after several these symptoms may occur.  Arizona Green Tea does have caffeine, so it is important to monitor how much you drink.


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