Does Grape Juice Make You Poop?

Grape Juice contains antioxidants which have a tendency to cleanse the system and does make you poop if over-consumed. While drinking a cup or two of grape juice may not do anything, drinking a lot can have as much effect on your intestinal tract as prune juice.

Many grape juice drinkers claim that drinking a glass or two a day keeps their bowels regulated.  Constipation is eliminated from the vocabulary when grape juice becomes a regular part of your day. However, drinking too much can cause unwanted problems – such as diarrhea, upset stomach and even gas.
Drinking too much grape juice may cause there to be too much acid in your system, which can lead to upset stomach and even cramping. It is best to keep the consumption in moderation, as with anything you eat or drink.

Many people drink grape juice in the morning with their breakfast. For the most part, this is also the time of day that nearly 80% of the population relieves themselves by going to the bathroom.  Linking the two together may be a stretch, but grape juice regulars report that the juice does trigger some internal movement.

Grape juice is rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, C and E.  These naturally occurring antioxidants work to keep the intestinal tract clean and the colon cleansed out.

Suzanne Somers

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