Does Mustard Go Bad?

Mustard does go bad if kept for a very long time, but it takes months, if not years for it to spoil. Many people keep mustard packets at their desk at work or a bottle of mustard in the refrigerator for months without opening.  Mustard stored in the refrigerator is nearly impossible to go bad.  Even if the seal is broken, mustard can sit in the refrigerator for years without going bad. It is a well-preserved condiment that is virtually impossible to spoil.

There is an expiration date on the mustard bottle, which should be adhered to for safety purposes.  The expiration date can, however, be ignored with little harm because mustard can be kept for such a long time without going bad.
Outside of the refrigerator, mustard can also be kept for a very long time.  If you purchase several bottles of mustard at a time and want to store the extra bottles in the pantry, you can do so for a long period of time.  Unopened mustard can sit on the shelf for years because the vinegar inside the bottle helps keep the mustard preserved.

There is no set time that tells you specifically when the mustard will turn, but the expiration date is a good indicator or reference.  Mustard does eventually go bad, but it will take many months or even years to do so.

Suzanne Somers

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