Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Running does burn belly fat, along with fat all over the body. In fact, any cardiovascular exercise burns fat if performed intensely and often. One of the best ways to burn belly fat is through diet and exercise.  Walking or low intensity exercise does not burn as many calories as running or other forms of high intensity exercise, therefore, belly fat is not burned.  It takes several hundred leisurely walks to actually burn some significant calories and shed weight.

One of the best ways to burn belly fat is tighten up your diet and start running.  Running by itself may not burn all of the calories needed to etch out a six-pack, but combined with a strict meal plan and you are well on your way.  Running burns a lot of calories and combined with a lean protein and low-carb diet can really shed the weight off of the abdominal area.

Running is a great way to slim down quickly.  Not only does it burn a lot of calories but sheds fat in those unwanted places, particularly the belly.  You must combine this form of exercise with a strict diet in order for you to lose the weight around the waistline.  Consuming junk food wont cut it.  Those extra calories will pack on and leave you with belly fat that you are trying desperately to get rid of. Running does burn belly fat and can be a great exercise for losing unwanted pounds.

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