Does Sprite Have Caffeine?

Similar to other light colored sodas, Sprite does not have caffeine.  Sprite is transparent in color, flavored with lemon lime and is considered to be a caffeine free drink.

People who suffer from caffeine related symptoms and issues often choose Sprite as their soda of choice.  Sprite is light and refreshing, with a similar taste to the popular 7-Up brand that has been on the shelves for decades.
Sprite is also a popular drink among children and parents who do not want their kids to consume caffeinated soda pops.

Many of the transparent in color sodas like Sprite, Sierra Mist and 7-Up do not contain caffeine and are surprisingly quite popular among all populations.
Since the soda does not have caffeine the manufactures of Sprite promote the soda by advertising that it is caffeine free.  This is a great selling point for the soda makers, especially among those who prefer no caffeine in their sodas.
Sprite is very refreshing in flavor with a great taste.  Although it contains no caffeine the soda does contain a lot of sugar and little to no nutritional value.
Most sodas contain no nutrition whatsoever, but are not consumed for the nutrients as opposed to the taste.

Sprite does not have caffeine so the soda has that much going for it in terms of health, but nothing beats a cold glass of water.

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