Exercise At The Gym Without Fear

Exercising at the gym is intimidating for a lot of people. Many people are afraid to go into the gym because it is a foreign place to them. Unfortunately, many people feel they have to be in great shape before they can step foot in the gym. It’s that type of fear that keeps people enslaved inside of a body they are not happy with. Let’s look at some tips on how to exercise at the gym without fear.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #1 - Find a good fit
There are thousands of gyms scattered throughout the United States. Each has its own characteristics. Many people don’t want to find a gym because they feel uncomfortable around the people that frequent that particular gym. You may be a 45 year old female that doesn’t want to work out with a bunch of meat heads, and that’s alright. Find a gym with like people where you can fit in with the clientele.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #2 - Attend an orientation
Some people are afraid of the gym because they are unfamiliar with the equipment. It can be very intimidating walking into a gym with dozens of pieces of equipment you have no idea how to use.

Most gyms offer orientation classes or one-on-one session with an employee to help you learn how to use the equipment in a safe and effective manner. Be sure to take advantage of these sessions.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #3 - Visit with a friend
It is much easier to get out of your comfort zone when you are with a friend. If you are scared to go to the gym alone then get a buddy or gal pal to go along with you. You could visit your friend’s gym, or the two of you could enter into unchartered territory together.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #4 - Change your stinkin thinkin
Many people have preconceived notions about the gym. They think gyms are packed with judgmental people who have perfect bodies. There are some people at gyms that are like that, but those kind of people are everywhere. Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight. In reality, most gyms are filled with overweight people trying to lose weight just like you are.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #5 - Birds of a feather work out together
Gyms have evolved over the past twenty years. There are now gyms for elderly people, women, and families. The variety of choices that were not there even ten years ago is around now. Do a little searching and you’ll be able to find one that’s a perfect fit for you.

Exercise at the Gym without Fear Tip #6 - Lose a few pounds first
Many people feel insecure about going to the gym because of the way they look. TO combat this problem some people choose to diet for a few weeks before joining the gym. That way they are feeling more confident because they have dropped a few pounds. Don’t wait too long though.

Suzanne Somers

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