Exercise Excuses Must Stop, Starting Today!

Tomorrow I’ll start!  How many times have you told yourself that tomorrow is the day you will begin exercising?  Tomorrow arrives and passes and you still haven’t entered the gym doors.  Exercise excuses must stop or you will never do what you have intended to do.

Below we have listed the most common exercise excuses and a rebuttal for each.  No longer will exercise excuses prevent you from becoming the successful and healthy person you have always dreamed of.  It’s time to get started!

1.) I’m Too Tired
Everyone has had this excuse at one time or another.  You had every intention of getting up in the morning and working out but when the alarm clock went off you hit the snooze button eight times.

This excuse causes a cycle that is hard to break.  The more tired you are, the more you need to work out but the feeling just isn’t there.  You have to take a stand and break the vicious cycle.  By doing so, you will gain the energy you desire and each day will get easier and easier.

2.) I Hate Exercise
Many people have adapted the mindset that if they don’t have pain they won’t achieve their desired results.  They have subjected themselves to laborious hours on a stair climber instead of doing exercises they look forward to doing.  It is important to find the right work-out that not only suits you physically but is fun and enjoyable.  Gyms offer classes and equipment that just might foot the bill.

3.) I’m Just Not Motivated
One of the reasons why you are not motivated to work out is simply because you are not doing it.  Once you start, you will get motivated and keep doing it.  Most individuals are goal-oriented and results driven.  Once you see a few pounds drop or inches decrease, you will want to get back to the gym and exercise more.  The key to being motivated is to begin.

4.) I Have No Time to Work Out
One of the most common exercise excuses that must stop is time, or lack thereof.  People who use this common workout excuse are really claiming that they have not made exercise a priority.  Setting aside 20-30 minutes a day is possible, you just have to be willing to do it.

5.) I Can’t Afford a Gym Membership
It doesn’t require money to get into shape.  These exercise excuses must stop because not being able to afford to get healthy is a myth.  It doesn’t require finances to step outside and go for a walk or job.

6.) I’m Too Out of Shape
If you wait until you are in shape before stepping into the gym, you may never get there.  The whole point of exercising is to get into shape, so why wait?  Unless a doctor has forbidden you from exercise, this is no excuse and will only hold you back from achieving your goals.

7.) I’m Too Old
You are never too old to get healthy.  Your life depends on it!  Every person can benefit from being in shape.  There are a number of senior citizen classes available through gyms or community centers that provide low impact workouts to get you whipped into shape gently and easily.

8.) I Have Failed in the Past
Why start, when you have failed too many times to count?  There may be a number of reasons you failed in the past.  Perhaps you were too overzealous and set your goals too high in the beginning.  Give yourself a chance to grab a hold of success and put the past to rest.

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