Exercises That Make You Fit

There are various exercises that help you become fit. Cardio exercises help you develop a healthier cardiovascular system as your heart and blood vessels cope with the tension. Aerobic exercises also improve your heart rate. Stretching exercises helps you improve the flexibility of your muscles and resistance trainings make your body more toned and leaner. For those who want to lose weight, consider having all types of exercises. The reason that some people fail to lose weight and become fit is that they only focus on burning calories rather than having a total workout that may be beneficial for the whole body aside from losing weight. The following discusses the most common exercises that you can do at the gym or in the house. You may also seek assistance from fitness instructors to give you a closer demonstration of these exercises.

Stretching exercises are very important to those who have an active lifestyle. These include:
    •    Chest and arm stretches 
The chest and the arms are a common location of tension build-up. Chest exercises are essential in enhancing the flexibility of the intercostals muscles that aid in breathing. Arm exercises or stretches prevents undue muscle strain and sprain because exercises enhances the flexibility.
    •    Neck Stretches 
The neck is also an important area to work on especially if you are overweight. The neck or the cervical spine is a weight bearing joint, which may be affected when you have excessive weight. While doing neck stretches, the muscles in the area tend to receive tension better; thereby preventing tension placed on the joints.
    •    Shoulder Stretches 
Shoulder stretches are also essential when you want to lose weight. Those who are overweight also have broader shoulders, which need to be toned.
    •    Back stretches 
The back is also an important area to work on when you want to lose weight. The back receives much of the weight as compared to other parts of the body.
    •    Leg stretches 
Leg stretches are also essential because the knees and feet also receive impact from the excessive weight. In addition, the legs are one of the indicators when you become slim. Having toned and great legs also contributes to being sexy.
Resistance Training
Resistance trainings can be done using free weights, your own weight or through the use of machines. When you are at home, exercises using body weight and free weights are more feasible. The different types of resistance training may include:
Using Own Body Weight:
    •    Basic Crunches 
    •    Full Crunch 
    •    Reverse Curl 
    •    Basic Push ups 
    •    Lunges 
    •    Leg lifts 
    •    Squats 
    •    Oblique exercises (trim down your waist) 
    •    Hamstring curl 
Using Free Weights
    •    Biceps Curl 
    •    Triceps curl 
    •    Lateral raise 
    •    Arm raise 
    •    Bench Press 
    •    Dumbbell Squats 
    •    Walking lunges 
    •    Rotator Cuff Muscles Exercises 
Other exercises may also be beneficial if you want to lose weight and achieve a healthier body. However, the key to having a perfect body requires both perseverance and discipline. Make sure that you have the proper motivation when starting any types of exercises.

Author Dr. Amarendra currently writes for an online facilitator for medications.


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