How Can A 15 Year Old Girl Lose Weight?

A 15 year old girl can lose weight safely and effectively, without upsetting her self-esteem or causing problems with her body.

The worst weight loss program for a young lady is to starve themselves in an effort to shed unwanted pounds.  The best way for parents to encourage their 15 year old girl is to support and encourage their weight loss activities, which should include healthy eating and keeping active.  A 15 year old can lose weight by choosing and eating the right food choices, eliminating processed foods from their diet and implementing a fun and active exercise program.  There does not need to be hours spent in a gym.

Many success stories of 15 year old girls losing significant amounts of weight were derived from supportive parents who implemented healthy eating at home while enrolling their child in a sports or athletic activity that they enjoyed.  It is important to try out a few different activities until your child determines what activity suits her the best.  She may love dance, but hate tennis, or enjoy swimming but loathe bicycling.

As a parent, forget about pushing, but live to encourage. A young lady can lose weight if motivated to do so.  Many who have successfully achieved weight loss results also incorporated a personal trainer into their workouts.  This is someone who is there to encourage the girl and keep her on track day to day.

Suzanne Somers

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