How Many Calories In A Cappuccino?

In one small Cappuccino there are about 35-70 calories.  This is not so many calories when you think of the content found in lattes and mocha drinks.

A cappuccino is made of coffee and steamed milk, which makes the froth.  There does not have to be any sugar added to the milk and coffee combo and you can choose to add low-fat milk which makes the drink even better (for your hips that is).  The calorie content can change depending on the amount of milk used, the kind of milk used and if you add sugar or not.

The standard cappuccino made at home or purchased from your favorite coffee venue contains a couple of ounces of coffee, a couple of ounces of steamed milk and a couple of ounces of milk that has been frothed.  The total cup size yields six ounces of fluid and will run you about 40 calories.  Adding cocoa or sugar to sweeten the cappuccino can add another 50 calories if you are not careful.

In an effort to keep calories low, try using reduced fat or low-cal milk.  Also, making the cappuccino smaller in size is helpful.  Cappuccinos are a low-cal coffee drink that does not have to be fattening or bad for your weight loss efforts.  The milk will even add a little protein to your morning breakfast.

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