How Many Calories In A Slice Of Cheese Pizza?

How many calories in a slice of cheese pizza, you ask? There are 270 calories in a slice of cheese pizza. The average slice is 12 inches and made at a restaurant. Take home pizzas are typically smaller and have fewer calories. To go along with the 270 calories, there are 15 grams of fat, 560 mg of sodium and 40 grams of carbs.

Cheese pizza gets a grade of F when it comes to nutrition. Its high in fat, carbs, sodium and cholesterol and low in vitamins and minerals. Its basically empty calories that provide nothing for the body. Cheese pizza has become a food staple in America. It may have originated in Italy, but Americans has made it their own. Every year there are millions of slices of pizza eaten. The average person eats dozens and dozens of slices each year.

Ask any delivery driver or pizza maker and they will tell you that it is common for people to order pizza more than one time per week that cant be healthy. Pizza comes in a variety of sizes and recipes. Some have thick crust while others are thin.

Its okay to indulge in cheese pizza but it should only be on occasion. Eating one slice of cheese pizza a day adds 1890 calories to your diet in just one week. Not good at all!

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