How Many Calories In A Snickers Bar?

Snickers Bars are a favorite snack food of kids and adults alike. The candy bar has been around for decades. Literally millions have been consumed. They are one of the more filling candy bars as they are filled with caramel, chocolate, nougat and peanuts. But how many calories in a Snickers bar are there?

The two ounce Snickers bar (original size) has a whopping 265 calories in it according to the Snickers Web site. That’s quite a few considering it’s easy to polish off a Snickers in about four bites.

Snickers are almost made up of entirely sugar and fat. Snickers bars have literally no nutritional value in them, making them one of the worst foods you can eat. It’s high in fat and sugar, and does not contain any vitamins. Not exactly the profile of a healthy food.

It’s okay to consume a Snickers now and again. Being healthy and trim does is all about balance and wise choices not abstinence from all sweets and snacks. That being said, eating more than one Snickers a week is too much if you’re trying to get healthy. Some people eat one every day as a snack. Health care experts say that people who get more than 10% of their calories from poor foods like Snickers are at risk of obesity.

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