How Many Calories In Almond Milk?

There are either 40, 60, or 90 calorie options in almond milk depending on your dietary needs.  For those who suffer from lactose intolerance, almond milk has become a reasonable choice.

Almond milk is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk and more and more people wanting to avoid hormones and stomach upset are turning to this flavorful drink. Almond milk comes in two flavors and a variety of calorie options.  Vanilla almond milk and plain almond milk are among the flavors available. Almond milk can be used for cooking or added to cereal.  Many almond milk drinkers enjoy a glass of low-calorie almond milk as a healthy alternative to cow milk.

Almond milk is all natural and very low in calories.  The lowest calorie option in either plain or vanilla flavored almond milk provides just 40 calories in an eight-ounce glass.  Almond milk is extracted from the almond nut by compressing the milk out of the seed.  There are no additives or sugars in the milk, rather a natural flavoring that is both tasty and rich.  Almond milk is healthy and provides a great source of fat at just 4 grams or less per glass.

People with a stomach sensitivity to cow milk are enjoying the versatility of almond milk for cooking or drinking out of the glass.  Almond milk provides a richer taste than many soy based options.

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