How Many Calories In Angel Food Cake?

In one piece of Angel Food Cake there are about 70 calories. This is not a lot of calories when it comes to a tasty dessert, but it is the toppings you put on the cake that can really change the number.

While there may not be many calories in Angel food cake, there are a lot of calories in the canned and sweetened strawberries, butter, chocolate syrup or whipped cream you add to the top of the piece. In an attempt to cut calories it is best to eliminate all toppings, other than fresh and unsweetened fruit.  Angel food cake by itself is not high in calories, but many of the traditional toppings are.

Another way to eliminate the number of calories consumed when eating Angel food cake is to restrict your portion size. Overeating the cake can pack on a lot of calories, so it is best to keep the portion size low. Eating a small wedge will provide you with a sweet taste of sugar that can curb your appetite without offering up too many calories.

Low-calorie Angel food cake can be made from scratch if you are willing to take on the effort. The low-cal cake has a reduced amount of sugar and very little fattening ingredients. Sliced with fresh fruit, Angel food cake can offer a tasty treat that is low in calories and fat.

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