How Many Calories In Olive Oil?

As you cook your meals you should consider using olive oil. But just how many calories are in olive oil? One tablespoon of olive oil has 120 calories. This includes 14 grams of fat and only 1.7 grams of saturated fat.

Extra virgin olive oil has the same amount of calories in it. It is often the oil of choice for people looking to consume healthy fats that the body needs.
Olive oil should be used in moderation for those wanting to lose weight. But it should not be avoided. Our culture has become obsessed with fat free living, but our bodies need goof fats that come from olive oil to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Just one or two tablespoons of olive oil used to cook vegetables or lean protein sources is a great meal that is still low in calories yet high in nutrition. Olive oil adds some great flavor and juiciness to things like chicken.

Two tablespoons of olive oil has 240 calories and 28 grams of fat. That may seem like a lot but two tablespoons is quite a bit to consume. A two tablespoon serving can be used to make a serving of food for an entire family of four.
Incorporating olive oil as your main fat source is a great way to be healthy, lose weight, and make your meals taste great.

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