How Many Calories In Strawberries?

Everybody loves fresh strawberries, but if you are trying to lose weight, you may be wondering how many calories are in strawberries. You will be happy to know that strawberries, although very sweet, are actually fairly low in calories. Lets take a closer look at the breakdown.

In one small sized strawberry there are 2 calories.  One medium sized strawberry weighing a half-ounce consists of 4 calories and one large strawberry weighing 0.65 ounces contains about 6 calories. This is not a lot of calories and even allows you to eat more than one!

In one cup of whole strawberries there are approximately 47 calories. If you chop those strawberries up and measure out one cup, you will yield about 54 calories. In this same size serving there is only 0.5 grams of fat and no cholesterol. Strawberries are a healthy, low calorie snack for those trying to cut their calories and lose weight.

Frozen and sweetened strawberries, however, contain a lot of calories. In a one cup serving size of frozen and sweetened strawberries, there are about 250 calories.  The calorie content is high because of the amount of sugar being used as an ingredient. In fact, one cup of frozen and sweetened strawberries contains over 60 grams of sugar.

If you are trying to cut calories, the best way to eat strawberries is fresh and raw.  Sweetened and processed fruit adds too much sugar and calories.

Suzanne Somers

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