How Many Calories In Turkey Breast?

Turkey Breast is fast becoming a dietary staple for people trying to eat more protein and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to know how many calories you are consuming – especially if you are trying to lose weight. So how many calories in turkey breast? Let’s take a look.

The two varieties of turkey breast meats that are consumed the most are turkey breast right from the bird and turkey breast lunch or deli meat. These are two different things altogether. The all natural turkey breast meet right from the bird is far healthier and has fewer calories. Two slices, about 45 grams, has just 46 calories in it, give or take a few depending on the bird. This is plain turkey breast without anything added to it.

Turkey breast lunch meat isn’t nearly as healthy because it has additives and preservatives in it to help it last longer on store shelves. Just one ounce of turkey breast meet from the deli has about 30 calories in, which equals about one slice.

You have to watch out consuming too much turkey because it does have a lot of sodium in it – especially the lunch meat variety. If you want to enjoy turkey breast just eat the original and skip all of the fattening side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and the pumpkin pie.

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