How Many Carbs In Cauliflower?

You have an appetite for this delicious vegetable and are left wondering – just how many carbs in cauliflower?

If you are watching your carbs, then cauliflower is a vegetable of choice.  In a 3.5 ounce serving, there are 4 carbs in cooked cauliflower. The serving includes both the florets and stalk.

There can be anywhere from 15-45 carbs in a head of cauliflower. The number of carbs will all depend on the size of the cauliflower head. The higher up in diameter you go, the more carbohydrates there are.

Refer to the bullets below for a concise explanation of carbs in raw cauliflower.
    •    Small head of cauliflower (4 inches in diameter) = 15 carbs 
    •    Medium head of cauliflower (5.5-6.0 inches in diameter) = 30 carbs 
    •    Large head of cauliflower (6.0-7.0 inches in diameter) = 45 carbs 

It’s handy to know how many carbs in cauliflower, because even though this vegetable is low in calories and provides a good source of protein, vitamin c, dietary fiber and folate, it’s still possible to blow your carb restricted diet if eaten in excess. This is highly unlikely though because you would have to eat more than 3 large heads of cauliflower to fall outside the healthy range of carbohydrates per day – an abnormal serving to say in the least.

Considering that it would take an monstrous amount of cauliflower to go over the limit of carbs per day, it’s fair to believe that cauliflower is ideal for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight. Consume no more than 100-150 carbs per day if you are looking to lose weight.

Because cauliflower is a low carb vegetable, (that actually tastes good) it’s often used in popular dishes. Cauliflower and cheese is a classic for most people, a dish that provides both nutrients and divine flavor.

Food for thought: Switch out potatoes for cauliflower in recipes to lower the number of carbohydrates and calories per serving.

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